Monday, September 12, 2011

Book Review


One morning on a routine jog, Kallene’s running partner, Linda confides that she’s filing for divorce. The next morning, she’s gone without a trace, leaving behind her frightened young daughter. Since Linda’s enraged husband refuses to notify the police, Kallene steps in to initiate a missing person search, not knowing it would soon become a murder investigation-- or that she’d soon fall for the charming lead detective. With Linda’s handsome brother also on her mind, Kallene must navigate the rapids of a double romance as well as the deepening suspicion in her upscale Utah neighborhood. Intrigue turns to danger as Kallene faces the consequences of hasty judgments. And when startling new evidence casts Linda’s murder as the work of a determined killer, Kallene needs the intervention of unlikely heroes to avoid being the next victim.

Out of all of Jennie Hansen’s books, I think this one is my favorite. (Believe me, it’s hard to choose considering she’s written over twenty!)
If I should Die had me wondering what was going to happen next at every turn. I couldn‘t put it down.

One example of that was at the very beginning. (Have no fear readers, this is not a plot spoiler) Kallene and Linda are out jogging as they did each and every morning, when Linda confides she’s filing for divorce. The last thing Linda says to Kallene before they part is, “I have a plan.” Linda comes up missing the very next morning and her husband Carson won’t notify the police. I am left wondering why? Is he our villain or is Linda really missing and Carson is on to her “plan?”

Jennie placed all kinds of things like this in her book that keeps the reader guessing. Like, why does the border of roses along the fence line look like someone may be buried beneath them? Intrigued? You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens to Mr. Haney’s suspicious looking roses.

If I Should Die captures your attention from start to finish as the search for a missing person turns to a murder investigation. A real page turner, this book keeps you involved with trying figuring out what the real story is behind a neighborhood of suspicious, likeable, lovable and yes, even questionable characters. Don’t forget, it also has a great storyline for romance lovers..(You know how I love romance!) It includes not just one but two handsome men for Kallene to choose from. On the one hand there is detective Scott Alexander, on the other there is Linda’s brother, Jon Pierson. Who will win Kallene’s heart? Which do you hope she’ll choose?

If I should die is filled with characters you love to hate. You’ll find yourself cheering for some, creeping out at others. J You’ll feel the loss, question your judgments, but most of all If I Should Die will leave an impression on your heart. It’s a must read! Way to go Jennie, you have another winner!